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Entertainment Services

- Allow me to take the stress of entertaining guests off your hands by utilizing my unique skills to Excite, Engage & Energize ANY event ​as your premier MC & Event Host at your next business event, party or function.

Rates for various events NOT weddings:

- Diamond Package/Premier Package for events with guest 200+ also comes equipped with an entertaining game, up-lighting & standard gig bar  dance floor lighting

- Platinum Package/Premier package for events with guests 100-150 also comes equipped with an entertaining game & standard gig bar dance floor lighting

- Gold Package/Premier package for smaller events with guest 50 - 100 comes equipped with standard gig bar dance floor lighting

- If your event is more than 50 Miles away there will be a small transportation fee pending location

Premiere Wedding Packages

*Below you'll find our three distinct packages, each offering their own unique deals to fit your budget perfectly just like that ring.

- The Shotgun Wedding $1,400

This unique pocket friendly package is perfect for those who are looking for a festive reception, without the BIG price tag attached. Though you wont get some other services we offer, our quality will never change & you will be entertained.

- The White Wedding $1,700

If you're looking to level up your evening, you can do so by going with this unique package. Not only is this a great deal, but this bundle also includes our unforgettable entertainment paired with your choice of either our ceremony or up-lighting addition.

- The Crème de la Crème $2,000

Allow me to introduce you to the premier crowned jewel of services what will fulfill your insatiable desire for a picture perfect wedding celebration. This one-of-a-kind service comes equipped with all the bells & whistles. From our ceremonial addition paired with our up-lighting, this top tier package will make your evening even more unforgettable.


*Regardless of whichever package you choose, there will be a $300 retainer fee to reserve our services. We must receive full payment no later than two weeks before your wedding date.

(Non-local Weddings)

Anything over a 50 mile radius from our location (Bedford, NH) expense fees will be added. Pending the location, hotel cost may also be included.

All services come equipped with the same great quality & care from our expert entertainers. We will cater to your entertainment needs by crafting the ultimate playlist comprised of do's don'ts. We also include a wedding game for each package (if desired) at no extra cost to you. We setup a meeting to get to know our clients more intimately in order to give them the best quality service & experience possible. 

Meet your future entertainment professionals

MC Matty Pace.jpg

- Meet MC Matty Pace

M/C & Event Host Matty Pace has more than 10 years worth of experience in entertaining & engaging crowds. From a former hip/hop artist turned electrifying professional MC of weddings & events since 2015, his one-of-a-kind charisma and unique talent to engage an audience is unforgettable and unmatched.

DJ Ammo.jpg

- Meet DJ Mike "Ammo" LeClair

Audio Engineer & DJ Mike LeClair is no stranger to the 1's and 2's. With his passion for music production stretching over a 20 year span, his ability to blend music live while effortlessly reading a room is what separates him apart from the rest. His attention to detail & professionalism will put you at ease knowing you have the best in the business providing an unforgettable night of dancing and more. 

Thank you for your time and contact below to book your package today or for any further thoughts, questions, concerns!

Do you have a cartoon character, video or business and looking for a creative voice talent to bring your brand or idea to life?! If so, utilize my Voice Over expertise to help elevate your idea/product.   *See below clips for an example

Voice Over Demo Official
Ep.848 Cut em' Off JINGLE
Keyboard and Mouse

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